Traveling and Reservations

1. How much time in advance is required to make a reservation?

JFK Towncars advises that you book a reservation at least 24 hours in advance to assure that a car will be available. However, we can often provide last minute pickups. It is best to call and check. You may call our office at 718-233-2644 or check online for same-day fleet availability.

2. Will I be contacted when my car arrives?

As a courtesy, we do attempt to contact all of our clients when their chauffeur is at the pickup location. However, sometimes we are not able-able to make contact with passengers upon our chauffeur’s arrival due to high call volume. We make every effort to communicate with our passengers.

3. Can the chauffeur come into my property to pick up my suitcase and bring it to the car?

No, our chauffeurs are unable to leave their cars unattended. Our chauffeur will be happy to help you with your bags from outside of your property to into our vehicle.

4. How much notice is needed to cancel a reservation?

JFK Towncars requests that our clients cancel reservations at least 6 hours in advance for over the phone cancellations and 12 hours prior pick up time by email.
Cancellations that do not meet these timeframes are subject to 50% charge.

5. Can I make a last minute change to my reservation?

JFK Towncars tries, at the best of our ability, to make last minute changes.
If you need to make any changes to your reservation, please call us to make the change at least 4 hours in advance. We  will do our best to make your change possible.

6. For Airport pick up, what should I do once I land?

We always encourage our clients to call our dispatcher at 718 233 2644 when you land. The clients should proceed to baggage claim. After you retrieve your luggage, please call us with your reservation confirmation number, so that we can direct you to your vehicle. Our chauffeur will pick you up within minutes at a designated curbside meeting area located right outside baggage claim.

7. For Airport Service, should I reserve a vehicle in advance or can should I call for it once I touch down? How long will it takes before I get pick up?

JFK Towncars generally provides pre-arranged airport pickups. Please call when you touch down to check our fleet availability but usually it takes about 40 minutes to get pick up without a pre-arranged reservation. If you would like to ensure a vehicle will be waiting for you, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance. With a pre-arranged reservation it takes approximately 5-8 minutes for the driver to pull up to your terminal.

NY City Vehicle Laws and Regulations

8. Do I need to wear a seat belt when I use your service?

No JFK Towncars affiliated cars are for-hire cars. Therefore, our passengers are excluded from law enforcements agencies to enforce New York State laws regarding seat belts.  However, JFK Towncars always advises our clients to buckle their seat belts while in motion.

9. Does my child need a child booster seat/child seat?

New York City and TLC regulations regarding child safety seats:

Drivers of medallion or yellow taxicabs, as well as for-hire vehicles and riding passengers, are excluded from New York laws regarding seat belts and car seats. You should Keep in mind, Taxi Limousine Commission (TLC) encourages all passengers in the vehicle to buckle their seat belts while inside a cab. There are no Taxi and Limousine Commission rules about this Seat belts laws, as it is a Statewide exemption. Passengers with children/minors are advised to bring their own car child seats, which our drivers will help passengers to install.
*NOTE – minors under the age of seven are allowed to sit on an adult’s lap.

10. Does JFK Towncars provide child seat or booster seats?

Yes, we do provide child seat upon request. You may order an SUV equipped with a “standard” infant seat. We provide only one type of car seat which it may not be appropriate for all children. The seat is offered as a courtesy and is not required by law.

11. What are the passenger and luggage capacities of the various vehicles?

Sedans and Luxury Sedans can accommodate up to four passengers with 3 standard size pieces of luggage.

Click here for all cars and their capacities.