New York protects the rights of the visitors of our site and clients and also enforces your right to privacy. We never send SPAM, nor do we share the personal information of our clients, visitors, or friends, relatives, and associates or any other third party. The following material will provide you with more details about our Privacy Policy, and use and Collection of clients and Site Visitor Information.
Every personal information collected by is submitted voluntarily by the site visitor through email or online reservation. Other information collected by includes site usage statistics and click-through information, which is collected electronically as a result of actions taken by all website clients or Visitors. staff is very well educated about the rules and regulations of in accordance with protecting all voluntarily entered personal information our clients from outside places, and also take every measure needed to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure to our VPS. is a transportation service provider our Site Visitors using the Internet to investigate and find our products and services. We take part in customer-to-store transactions and personal information in our Virtual Private Servers, and therefore we responsibly utilize personal credit card information from our Site Visitors.
Any other personally detectable data, including names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, received from Site Visitors is exclusively and voluntarily submitted on the part of the visitor via email. Personal detectable data provided in such accordance is stored not on our website but in our VPS, and it’s only used for responding to the respective query and is otherwise not used for any promotion purposes, or any other purpose. Site Visitors who do not want their personally identifiable information made available to should not send it that type of information.


Site Usage, Searches, and Click-Through
Statistics about site usage, searches and click-through gathered by are collected in a cumulative form only. This data is solely utilized to assess the number of visitors to the site, and to report search and click-through information to individual Store Members.
Cookies and Log Files

Cookies are not placed on the systems of Site Visitors to
Log file entries are made when a Site Visitor requests a search These entries are anonymously generated, and enable to assess all website action, advertised sales, and troubleshooting technical concerns. Files are only internally used and are by no means associated with a specific particular user, computer.


Protection of Site Visitor Information

Once we obtain by, email submitted by Site Visitors it is kept absolutely confidential. Access to this information is strictly confidential to admins. And personally, identifiable information contained in the email is only used to respond to the question. does not sell the email addresses of Site Visitors, or anyone or group associated with them, to any third party, including its members. In addition, does not use these email addresses to partake  any spamming activities. Any email submitted by Site Visitors is removed from our records following completion of service. allows members information about cumulative searches and click-through on their products only. does not report the data of one store to any other store.
Aggregate statistics about general site usage are obtained anonymously. Site Visitors are not individually persecuted in any way.


Notification of Privacy Policies
This policy statement informs Site Visitors that will keep their personally identifiable information confidential.
Opt-Out / Removal of Information
Since does not solicit personal identifiable data from any site visitors, therefore it does not exist.
Use of Site by Minors does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. does not further promote, condone or endorse the dissemination of data, or deal with products and services to minors when prohibited by law; including the dissemination or sale of pornographic materials to minors; and the sale of weapons, and tobacco product alcohol or alcoholic beverages to minors.


Site Visitor Interaction with Stores
The website includes links to third-party websites. does not have control over any of the privacy practices of any of these websites, nor our member Stores. Once a Site Visitor has linked from to a third-party website, the visitor is responsible for obtaining Privacy Policy information from the third-party site.